«Fight for what you love» è il nuovo «We are the world»

Esattamente 35 anni dopo «We are the World» i tempi sono maturi per una nuova song che vuole migliorare il mondo. «Fight for what you love» di Battery-Man e del giovane talento La Gustav racconta quanto sia facile per ognuno e ognuna dare un contributo personale per un mondo più sostenibile.

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It's easy, do it like me
never throw away a battery
You only have one life but
they live twice.

The sun gives lifeand
water can make it green
the wind can put a heart
in your machine.

So pick up a bike
let the pedals drive you through
the rest of your life, is a chapter
written by you.

It's time to hold on
time to be clear
what you think is here to stay
could maybe say goodbye one day
don't wait, too long
to fight for what you love
it's easy
it’s easy for you & me

Push the button, get the power, fill you up with energy
And once you hit the ground, recharge like a battery.

Tout le monde jette ce qui est cassé, toi t’es pas obligé de faire pareil
tu pourrais réparer ton objet cassé au lieu de t’en séparer.

Mir machene ungerschid ds isch dr wäg, di wäut brucht me liebi u weniger trash
mir chöi nümme warte d situation isch ernst, d mueter natur isch dr wäut ihres herz
Arrête de commander des sappes, il y a plus de marques en deuxième main.
Fais des économies et donne une deuxième vie à tes vêtements

So when you look at your waste
does it take up too much space?
just reduce,
recycle what you use

It’s time to (2x)

It's easy, do it like me
never throw away a battery